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Dads With Daughters

Jan 5, 2020

Chris Lewis

Today on the inaugural Dads With Daughters Podcast Brian Anderson joins host Chris Lewis to talk about the Dads With Daughters Podcast and about the Dads with Daughters Facebook Community.


Both Brian Anderson and Chris Lewis are the founders of both the Dads With Daughters community and the nonprofit Fathering Together and today they share the background about the mission of the Dads With Daughters Community and Fathering Together.

At Dads with Daughters, we are building a community of support as we journey through fatherhood together. We’re a group for dads to share and seek advice, provide resources, and brag about how awesome our daughters are. This podcast will share the voices of many dads, but also others that have resources to help you be the best dad that you can be.  



The best thing about the members is that they come from every corner of the world. They hold a diversity of viewpoints and beliefs. They are all in different places in their own journeys, but they all can help each other to be an amazing dad!

The Dads with Daughters Podcast will continue to bring you amazing guests. If you have ideas for guests you would like to be on the show, email us at

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